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Contact Us

Name: Carrie  

Mobile: +86-188 2573 5126
Name: Reginald Ryan
Mobile:+86-158 1283 0912
Address: NO.66 Hengzhen East Road,Jinju Village,Dalingshan Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

What We Can Offer

Welcome to BlueFierTek.

BlueFireTek-Pure blue flame,high degree of professional proficiency.
"Technology Innovation,All Quality Service and Mutual benefits" is our policy as well as the objective.
BluefireTek, What can do ?
1)Mold making (Stamping Die,Plastics molds and Die-casting Alloy)
2)Stamping,Injection and Die-casting parts 
3)Rubber & Silicone mold and parts
4)Secondary Operations and Value-added Service
such as Anodizing,Paint and Plate(Chrome),Silk screen & Printing and Simple assembly
6)Rapid mold and Demo Samples
7)ID,RD and MD One-station Servise.
Now let BlueFireTek work with you.

Recommended Products

  • A527Mobile Power
    A527 Mobile Power
  • A261Mobile Power
    A261Mobile Power
  • A1048 Mobile Power
    Mobile phone, notebook mobile power supply
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